Slashstroke / Internship / Day x



Just casually preparing one of the up and coming million shoots [groovy face].


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Slashstroke magazine / Internship / Day x

Martine Rose shoot today (denim again):


I keep posting this blurry photos – it’s not like I am not allowed to post the focused ones – I just enjoy how the blurry ones look like.

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Slashstroke magazine / Internship / Day 4



Yes, I dreamt denim all night long.  Let me show you why:


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Slashstroke magazine / Internship / Day 3

Highlight of the day:




someone’s being stressed about it:


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Slashstroke magazine / Internship / Day 2 (of blogging)

Facts of the day:

1. There are too many colleges and universities in the UK (I started a list of them and there are like… one million).

2. Welsh is such a weird language (have they ever heard of vowels?!?).

3. I ate a double Snickers today and noone judged me.

And a photo of me, at BE ARTY PARTY – just in case you are the visual-type and not the words-type.


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Slashstroke Magazine / Internship / Week 2


I know: I kind of skipped 1 week + 1 day of the intern blog.

I promised I won’t say anything about how cold it is in the studio (it’s –almost!– as cold as outside, but thank God I’m young and my peripheral circulation is good).

I also promised I would make one collage per day – the most slashstrokey approach I could imagine – as part of my daily confessions.


Which, obviously, I haven’t.


Anyway, I would say I feel blessed to be a Slashstroke magazine intern, but then David’s what’s-this-farcicality face (N.B.: David Poole, Slashstroke magazine editor) comes to my mind and I realise how ridiculous that sounds. So I’ll just try to put this thought into other words:

1. When you hear about someone being a fashion magazine intern, you immediately assume they do pick-ups and returns and tidy up around and other boring stuff, and… that’s pretty much. Well…

2. Being a Slashstroke intern is amazing because you just get to do so much of the fun things, that I’m sure many of you will be jealous when you’ll find out about, such as: being asked what your opinion is about key-images that go into the magazine SLASH coming up with concepts for shootings SLASH even putting looks together (under David’s supervision) which is… like a dream come true.

3. I’m afraid I have to stop writing now, as I might be left with nothing else to write for the next days. (actually, I am so tired, that even a blinking seems like too much effort to me right now).


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Shapes and Textures at Kew Gardens

3 5












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Happy New Year everyone / xx

I wish everyone – myself included – more happy moments in amazing places like this one:




Enjoy the sun as much as you can x


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It’s useless to say how much I love Tim Walker.

However, that’s the only thing I want to keep saying, writing and obsessing about.
I don’t know now how one can live knowing that one will never be able to create these amazing pieces of untold stories Tim Walker creates. These ‘series of stills from unrealised films’ – how beautifully that was written on one of the exhibition’s walls!

I’m over-dramatizing now. But I don’t know if I told you how much I love Tim Walker.

I don’t even want to meet him. The best of him already can be found in his work and that is more than enough for me.


more here:


and here:



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I know I’ve been missing for more than a month now…

… but I DO have a reason.

Do you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning with no plans and you then find out you won the lottery?

Probably not.

Me neither. So, I am not saying I won the lottery. Because I haven’t (but I did buy tickets for tomorrow’s draw  – they’re on my desk, so I’ll be sleeping with my fingers crossed tonight).

Anyway, this is how I felt when I found out I was going to be an intern at this magazine:

I know I’m being all cheesy, but it was such a cool experience I thought I might die (obviously, I haven’t).

You can read more about the magazine here:

and here:


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